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Wednesday, 24 February 2016 – XCAT action will take Switzerland by storm this June, when 14 teams converge on the fabulous city of Lugano for the third round of the UIM XCAT World Powerboating Series.


(From left) Norman Gobbi (President of Ticino government), Marco Borradori (Major of Lugano), Mario Tamborini (President of the local host), Dr Raffaele Chiulli (President of the UIM), Dr Khalid Al Zahed (Vice President of the WPPA) and Essa Kharbash (WPPA board member) at the official launch of the Lugano Grand Prix in Switzerland yesterday.

At the official launch of the event in Lugano yesterday were the city’s Mayor, Marco Borradori, as well as Vice President of the World Professional Powerboating Association (WPPA) Dr Khalid Al Zahed, and President of the UIM Dr Raffaele Chiulli.

Also in attendance were Norman Gobbi, President of Ticino government, Mario Tamborini, President of the local promoter and WPPA board member Essa Kharbash.

“With its spectacular natural beauty, its passionate sports fans and the backing of the Mayor and city officials, Lugano proved to be the ideal location for our first ever XCAT race in Switzerland,” said WPPA President HE Saif Al Ketbi.

“In the last three years, the XCAT World Series has grown to unprecedented heights with television coverage of the action now reaching 750 million households worldwide and we are sure the Swiss public will soon join this throng of fans,” he added.

Lake Lugano

­­­Mayor Borradori said: “I’m proud our city is going to host another big event: an important signal that rewards all the efforts made to promote tourism in Lugano.

“The beauty of the Lugano lake with its stunning banks will be the ideal location for the third round of the UIM XCAT World Series in June. XCAT is a prestigious powerboat competition coming from the futuristic city of Dubai, one of the top tourism destination worldwide.

“The next 3rd-5th June we will assist to an amazing show: skillful and brave crews coming from all over the world will race on our lake with their hi-tech carbon fibre catamarans. All these ingredients are going to excite watersport and speed fans.

“That competition with its huge television and social media audience represent an ideal showcase to promote our city globally, not only for its unique natural environment, but also for its high quality services dedicated to economic activities, conferences, cultural and sport events.

Lake Lugano2

Lake Lugano

“An integrated city that encourage the synergy of public and private I’d like to thank HE Dr Saif al Ketbi, WPPA President, Dr Khalid Al Zahed, WPPA Vice President, and Dr Raffaele Chiulli, UIM President. We are honored that you have given to Lugano the chance to be the only European location of the 2016 XCAT calendar. I’d like to thank also Mr Mario Tamborini, President of the local promoter (Swiss Lugano Lake Trophy),” he added.

President of the UIM Dr Raffaele Chiulli added: “In over 50 countries around the world powerboat races are organised under the UIM leadership. I am particularly thankful to the city’s Mayor to open its door to powerboating and to the UIM-contracted promoter, WPPA, to make it happen here in Lugano. I very much look forward to a successful and thrilling event in such a beautiful setting.”

The XCAT World Series truly is a spectacle of speed, with teams of two taking each other on in two-engined carbon-fibre boats that tear around the course at speeds close to 200km per hour.

“XCAT is all about combining sport and business – and doing this to great effect while also placing particular emphasis on safety as well as the environment. Our aim is always to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and so far we have taken massive strides forward in this regard,” explained Al Ketbi.

“Together with the UIM, the WPPA have worked tirelessly with all involved parties to address environmental issues and have taken the initiative to reduce our carbon footprint and boost environmental awareness along with the teams, host cities, the public and the marine industry. Part of this initiative has been the introduction of the new Mercury Racing four-stroke engines which massively reduce emissions and any impact on the environment

“We must express our gratitude, not only to the city of Lugano and the wonderfully efficient local organising committee, but also to the UIM for their positive role in making this event possible.

“Having worked with the local organising committee for almost a year now, we have absolutely no doubt this event will be a wonderful success and look forward to seeing you all again for some great XCAT action in June.”

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