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XCAT South Korea Grand Prix Local Organising Committee has announced their early readiness to host the 4th Round of the 2016 UIM XCAT World Series, South Korea Grand Prix 23 – 25 September, through celebration took place on the occasion of the start of the countdown of the 4th Round and WPPA delegation visit to South Korea to check on the preparations that is taken place to host the 4th Round in Seoul and for the visit of XCAT to South Korea for the first time.

The WPPA delegation has reassured on all the preparations and coordinated between various parties before the arrival of the XCAT convoy coming from Europe and in particular from Switzerland after Lugano Grand Prix.  South Korea Grand Prix will take place at the heart of the Korean capital, Seoul, which is preparing to host and organise a water festival.

STO-WPPA 1The WPPA delegation has gone through logistical and technical matters during the visit to South Korea through subsequent meetings attended by WPPA Board Member and Acting CEO, Mr Ali Bin Hendi, Co-Chairman of the Preparatory Committee in South Korea, Mrs Erica Young Zee Yoon and number of Korean Officials in Seoul.

During the meetings, the start of the 100 Days countdown to the start of XCAT South Korea Grand Prix has been announcement in Seoul in the presence of Mr Ali Bin Hendi and local officials of the organising committee as well as the Korean Tourism Department.  During the announcement celebration, gifts have been exchanged been both sides.

Mr Bin Hendi has expressed WPPA’s Board Members satisfaction on the STO-WPPA 7current preparations done by the Korean organising committee to host the World Championship, and the dedicated efforts by the Local Organising Committee. “The presence of the Korean capital, Seoul, in the calendar of XCAT World Series confirms the extent of the work and diligence of the WPPA Board Members, which nocked on so many doors in order to publicise XCAT Series and sport of powerboat on a larger scale” said Ben Hendi.

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