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UIM and WPPA signed an important cooperation agreement on XCAT series.
DUBAI The agreement was signed between UIM President Dr. Raffaele Chiulli and the new WPPA President His Excellence Saif Al Ketbi in the presence of former WPPA President and Founder and President of the UAE Marine Sports Federation Dr. Saeed Hareb; Dr. Khalid Al Zahed, the WPPA Vice President, Mohammed Hareb, UIM Council Member and Victory Team driver Arif Al Zafein at the Burj Al Arab on Sunday evening. “I am convinced our sport needs partners at this high professional level. Dubai has always been a key partner in the growth and development of watersports and this agreement shows the commitment from both sides to take it to the next level,” Dr. Raffaele Chiulli said after the signing. As per the terms agreed to, the basic role of the WPPA will be to act as promoter and exclusive right holder for the popular UIM XCAT World Powerboat Series that was launched in UAE a few years back. However, the WPPA will also cooperate  with the world governing body the UIM in other key areas to ensure the future health of the sport. “This is a strategic moment for us and we will ensure that our sport grows through the development of young drivers and new talents” the UIM President noted. “The General Assembly meeting of the UIM held in Corfu , Greece was crucial in many ways and one of the most significant outcomes is this agreement,” he pointed out. The UIM under the leadership of Dr. Chiulli when he was elected to the top post  ensured the WPPA got the recognition it deserved. About three years back, the WPPA organised its first-ever XCAT World Series that today has a popular following among powerboat drivers from across the globe. “We have an agreement over three years with a clause to extend it further,” said H.E. Saif Al Ketbi, the WPPA President who took over from Dr. Saeed Hareb in October this year. “This is a brand new start for us. It’s a very significant and important moment for us to ensure the future of our sport. The  UIM XCAT World Series is getting bigger and better and this backing from the UIM through this agreement is certainly going to benefit all,” Al Ketbi added.
The opening round of the 2013 UIM XCAT World Series will be held at the Abu Dhabi International Marine Sports Club (ADIMSC) on January 9-10.
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